Maybe it is time to ditch the dark hues this Autumn/Winter.


While autumn and winter usually are characterised by dark shades to match the cold weather, colourful hues seem to dominate this season. And there’s no need to not choose colours because there’s an abundance of mood-boosting bright shades to sink your teeth into. Designers such as Gucci, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent and countless more have embraced bold hues. Let’s dive into some of this season’s colours.




Hallo Yellow

It looks great with jeans, or neutral linen pants or skirts. It’s a cheerful, attention-grabbing hue, so a single item speaks loudly. Otherwise, take it down a notch by seeking out a more mellow yellow.



Fuchsia Reds

The blend of pink and purple is set to pick up where it left off in Spring/Summer, and we have some different tones to choose from. From bright rich pink to the darker ones. If you’re not ready to embrace it head-to-toe, opt to add pops of pink to a neutral look.




While greens aren’t going anywhere either, this season apple greens to darker hues are all on the rise.



Earth Tones

If the bright colours don’t do it for you, you’ll be glad to know that earthy tones are still present this Autumn/Winter too. Tones like chocolate browns, oatmeal, creams and khakis to give us a cosy dose of warmth.